Copy of a letter I sent to one of our customers.
From Bob.....
Dear Customer,
    Thank you for entrusting your most special day to SharpShooters Video Productions and thank you for your kind hospitality. When you spoke with me about booking your wedding you asked if I could charge less money and create a simpler wedding video. I said I could not and that I have to maintain the same highest standard for every job I do. This is why I don't offer "The Bronze Package, The Silver Package and The Gold Package".
    Every wedding is a gold package. I do not cut corners, I can't. Many times when I am editing for three weeks on one job without charging more, I have to question why am I doing this? This is why. On my job I get to smile, laugh, get emotional and get excited!
    Your still image library is huge. I used three cameras not two and three sound tracks not one. I spent hours blending the music together to make every segment smooth and entertaining. I had a lot of fun creating your wedding video and still image library. More importantly I felt your emotion, your excitement and your love. I got to share your most important day with you and your wonderful family and friends. Thank you. This is priceless and money does not rule my world. I don't think I am foolish. Good luck to you both on your new lives together.
                                                                                           Robert Ciavatta

Dear Bob:
We want to thank you for the wonderful job. We love our wedding video!!!
When you posted the clip of our video in your website, that was great!!
I emailed all my friends and relatives to go to your page to see it, very helpful, especially for my family out state.
We are very pleased with the video and forever grateful.
Steve & Teresa Marco  (From Hackettstown, NJ)

HI Bob,  
I apologize for not contacting you sooner.  We did recieve the DVD on Saturday but were without power most of the day due to the weather and were unable to watch it, so I waited to watch it until he came back this past Sunday to watch it together. We both really enjoyed it and are so happy we decided to have a videographer to capture the moments that we missed and be able to relive the day for years to come.  Thank you for the great job.   
Thanks so much!
Melissa Cox (From Stroudsburg, Pa)

Dear Bob,
    You have been such a delight to work with! Now both of my daughters are married and thanks to you we have the memories saved. The videos are wonderful. We wish you all the best in your future - happiness and good health. God Bless  Mary Lynn Umland. (From Franklin Lakes, NJ)

Hi Bob, I never got a chance to say thank you for the wonderful job you did. I could not have asked for a better presentation. I saw the clip of our wedding on your website, it's great! The video  was beautiful. Regards Charlene Rojas - Acevedo

Hi Bob,
We received the package you sent us today. Thank you - you did a great job! We watched the dvd over and over and we love it! We expecially like how you incorporated our honeymoon videos and photos in the wedding video. Your editing was exciting and entertaining. There were not any boring parts or fluff simply to fill the time. Thank you again. You did a great job. We have been recommending you and now that we have seen our wedding video, we will tell everybody about you. Rose and Joe Crecco. (From Jersey City, NJ)

Thank you - our honeymoon was great, we are just getting back to reality now.  We have watched the video and it it is wonderful.  Thank you for all of the work you have done!  Susan and John Stefani

Thank you so much for everything. You guys did a great job! I can't wait to see the video so I can see if I had fun that day. Mr and Mrs William Kornmeyer.

Hi Bob,
    I was just sitting here watching Victoria's Sweet 16 video and crying my eyes out and thinking "Oh God, I forgot to tell Bob how wonderful this is!" You did such a great job. You didn't miss a trick! The beginning gets to me every time I see it and that Neil Sedaka song is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for all you have done. We love it!  Susan Iaquinta (Nutley, NJ)

Dear Bob,
    Scott's Barmitzvah video was fantastic. It is hard to believe you can do so many amazing things with editing. Everything just seemed to flow together and the quality of the video was perfect. Thank you so much! Dan and Fern Yanofski (From West Orange, NJ)

    Thanks a million for a job well done. My retirement party went so well and now I will have a living memory of all the people I worked with over a lifetime because of the video. Angelo Bove (From Lyndhurst, NJ)

Hi Bob,
    Thought I would take a minute to tell you how much I liked the finished tapes. They came out very professional looking. The intros and music are interesting and appropriate. Good work all around!   Captain William Boivin, Physicist US Food and Drug Administration

On January 22, 2000 the township of West Orange, NJ hosted "A Night of Honors" black-tie affair at The Pleasantdale Chateau honoring famous West Orange citizens. It was attended by two past New Jersey govenors and several NJ senators and congressmen. We produced a series of mini-documentaries which was shown that night on wide screen TV and also aired on local cable. Here are a few of the responses:

Dear Bob,
    The video was great! We hope to get it on TV-36. Thanks so much for your great work, support, and friendship. John  (West Orange, NJ Mayor John McKeon)

Mr Robert Ciavatta,
    Thank you so much for the video. It was a great honor to be remembered by my hometown of West Orange. Sincerely, Brendan - Govenor Brendan T. Byrne

Dear Mr Ciavatta,
    I want to thank you again for honoring me with the Thomas A. Edison Award at  "A Night of Honors". The event was breathtaking and the video was wonderful. I could not have imagined such an execptional evening with friends, family, colleagues, and fellow "West Orangers." I was really touched and I am forever grateful. 
William N. Hait, M.D., Ph.D. (Director and founder of The Robert Wood Johnson Cancer Institute of New Jersey).

Dear Bob,
    Reflecting on the January 22nd event, it is clear that the event accomplished all of its goals. It was truly a once in a millenium celebration. Because you were an integral part of its creation, planning and success, you should feel extremely proud. On behalf of everyone involved in West Orange 2000, and more importantly the entire township, thank you very much for all of your tremendous efforts. The words "thank-you" do not express the tremendous debt of gratitude, respect and warmth that you deserve for all the sacrifices that led to the gala. Few of us will ever forget January 22nd, You alone know the true work that went into bringing the event to such a tremendous success.
Very truly yours, Richard D. Trenk, Esq., West Orange 2000 Chairman. 



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